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SmokeRidge BBQ

(509) 710-3426



Currently Open For Dine In

or Take Out!

Thursday, Friday & Saturday       11am-8pm 

  (or call for take-out)

{[(***  follow us on facebook, we will be adding new services and menu items  ***)]}

 Smokin Tacos have moved to Thursday 

3 soft corn tortillas filled with over 1/3# of meat, topped with cilantro slaw. Served with a side of  our seasoned black beans and house made salsa.

Pulled Pork           $12

Brisket                    $14

Chicken                  $12

Thursday: Margaritas Specials 


$4 drink specials every day
The Best Craft Martinis in the Valley!

In the Track 58 Martini Car, Check out our Happy Hour 3-6 daily (In the Bar Only)

2$ off Smoked drinks, Martinis, Appetizers, Wine by the glass, house made Margaritas, Sangria & Blue Juice Caboose,  1$ off Draft and bottle beer, 6$ off bottles of Champagne

We Have Drinks To Go!! Growlers, Quarts and Pints

Margaritas, Sangria, Blue Juice Caboose and more!!

Craft Martinis, Cocktails, Wine, rotating taps and flights




BBQ Platter

BBQ Platter      $99 for all this!!    2# Brisket, 2# Pulled Pork, 2# German Sausage, BBQ sauce and 48 Slider Buns 

Chips and Dips Platter   34

3 different Dips and 3 different Chips (approx. 7+ cups of dip) 

First Stop  

Dip Plate:                                                                              $9

Dill Pickle Dip, Chipotle Dip and BBQ Dip served with Tortilla, pretzel & Kettle chips

Smoked Deviled Eggs (5 halves)                                             $7

The Midwesterner                                                                    $6.50  **NEW**

One large  ground Brisket meatball, seasoned and smoked!

Smoked Andouille Sausage Bites  (when available)               $7

Savory Goat Cheese        $9                                                   

Three savory flavors, lemon basil, hot smoke and Moroccan spice drizzled in warm olive oil . Served with pita chips

Sweet Goat Cheese         $9                                                                                                          Three sweet flavors, figs & sultans , spicy chocolate cinnamon and mixed nuts drizzled in warm honey. Served with pita chips

Our Rotating Specials

  • It’s Back!! Smokehouse Chili and cornbread muffins 
  • It’s Back!! The Gravy Train, house made rustic mashed potatoes, Brisket gravy and your choice of 1/2 # meat

Coming Back this Fall  * Red Beans And Rice with our Smoked Andouille Sausage

Thursday Special: Smokin Tacos, see above

**NEW**Friday Special: Pineapple Express, Pulled Pork with caramelized onions and pineapple with our sweet Hawaiian BBQ sauce. Served with a choice of slaw and an additional side.          $16 

**NEW** Saturday Special: Moroccan Smoked Chicken Rice Bowl.    $13   

NEW GREEN SALAD! Everyday    Cesar Salad  $9     Smoked Chicken Cesar Salad   $13 

Sandwich Meals

1/2 pound smoked meat served on Texas toast with your choice of  slaw & an additional side of your choice. BBQ sauce served on the side.

Brisket Sandwich                                                                         $16

Pulled Pork Sandwich                                                                 $14

Smoked chicken Sandwich                                                         $14

German Sausage Sandwich                                                       $15

German sausage is made in-house w/ pork & beef in small batch. Contains no nitrates, nitrites, msg, or preservatives.

The Grand Junction             $18

Try all three smoked meats! 1/3 pound of each Brisket, Pulled Pork and German Sausage piled high on our Texas Toast, served open faced.

The Heavy Hauler $ 28

5 meats, 1/3 # each Brisket, German Sausage, Pulled Pork, smoked Chicken and a Midwesterner Brisket Meatball

The Train Wreck $ 38

5 meats, PLUS A HALF RACK of RIBS, 1/3 # each Brisket, German Sausage, Pulled Pork, Smoked Chicken and a Midwesterner Brisket meatball

Rib Meal             $20

Half rack , your choice of slaw and an additional side

Choose Your Bowl

A generous serving of the side item you choose topped with over a 1/3 pound smoked meat (brisket, pulled pork, or German sausage). BBQ sauce served on the side.

Brisket  Bowl                                                                                 $15

Pulled Pork Bowl                                                                          $13

Smoked Chicken Bowl                                                                 $13

Sausage  Bowl                                                                                $14

 Large Family Meal – $ 95 (for take out only)

1 lb smoked brisket, 1 lb smoked pulled pork, 1 lb smoked German sausage, Full rack of ribs, 3 quarts of sides, BBQ sauce and 1 loaf Texas toast bread.

Small Family Meal – $55 (for take out only) 

1/2 lb smoked brisket, 1/2 lb smoked pulled pork, 1/2 lb smoked German sausage, 1/2 rack of ribs, 3 half quarts of sides, BBQ sauce and Texas toast bread

Pulled Pork Family Meal Deal  $38 (for take out only)

2 lbs Smoked Pulled Pork, 1/2 qt. smoked baked beans, 1/2 qt. slaw, 1/2 loaf Texas toast bread and BBQ sauces.

                   Rib Feast   $34 (for take out only)

A full rack of ribs, 2 half quarts of sides and BBQ sauce


 Meats – 1/2 lb or full lb, Ribs – 1/2 rack or full rack

Brisket                                                                                           $12 | $22

Pulled Pork                                                                                     $9 | $16

Smoked Chicken                                                                            $9 | $16

German Sausage                                                                         $10 | $18

Ribs                                                                                                $16 | $26


Sides- single serving $4                quart $12

full pan (3 quarts, 12 to 15 servings) $30

Traditional Slaw

Cilantro Lime Slaw

5 Cheese Jalapeno Mac & Cheese

Red Potato Salad

Smoked Baked Beans

Scalloped Cheesy Corn

Kettle Chips

LUNCH SPECIALS Thursday and Friday from 11 to 2pm

Sandwich Meals

Smoked meat, served on toasted Texas toast  bread.    Served with Kettle chips  and a soft drink!

Pulled Pork                                                  9


Smoked German Sausage                         10

Midwesterner       (1 large meatball)         10

Brisket                                                       11            


Homemade Bread Pudding    $6,      Full pan(9-12 servings)  $30

Made simple,  Brown sugar and Vanilla, Topped with Creamy Lemon Sauce

New York Cheese Cake topped with our Raspberry lemon sauce   $6 


11027 E Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley 99206


(509) 710-3426


Thursday, Friday & Saturday 11am – 8pm